Teddy hits the road

TLC Teddy (Malcolm Cooke) was accompanied by his carer where they were spotted by a curious motorist (Barry) travelling through Birkenhead, Cheshire on a motorcycle and sidecar. To Barry’s disbelief, the six foot bear and his companion were travelling to the Children’s A&E department at Arrowe Park Hospital.

Bike 1TLC Teddy caught up with the motorist to tell him all about Teddies for Loving Care, and how he was on his way to deliver over 200 teddies to distressed and injured children in the hospital. They all decided to go inside together to help deliver the bears to the young people in the ward, much to the doctors and nurses’ delight.

At the hospital that day was also Eric Skillen, the TLC Representative for Arrow Park, and Claire from the Kid Planet Day Nursery who raised the magnificent sum of £767.49 by the children in New Brighton. The TLC Bear wishes to thank all the Hospital staff for the great work they do.


TLC Teddy was very busy at the end of last year as he also travelled across the water to Alderhey Children’s Hospital, after Polly (aged 9) from Cheshire found that her friend from the Children’s Cancer Unit could not make it to her tenth birthday party.

Polly, who also had been undergoing treatment with Cancer, wanted to cheer up her friend, so she enlisted the help of TLC Teddy (Jason Holland) who delivered 72 Teddies to the unwell children in the Oncology and Neurological Ward in Liverpool.

TLC Teddy travelled in style on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which certainly attracted a lot of attention outside the main entrance of the hospital. They managed to put big smiles on the children’s faces and made sure Polly’s friend still had fun.