Teddy on Tour!

At the end of September, Red Teddy finished a five-week epic journey that saw him travel not just across England and Wales but also to Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Fiji and Hong Kong. A real globe-trotting bear!

On his arrival at Freemasons Hall in London, Red Teddy was welcomed by his old friend Big Ted who had waved him off from Southend Pier five weeks previously. Big Ted even serenaded Red on the wonderful Steiner piano in the Grand Temple. What a treat!

Teddy has certainly had a big adventure! He has been to some wonderful places from St. Michaels Mount to the Souter Lighthouse, the Tyne Bridge to the Bay of Gibraltar the hot geysers in Rotorua to the cold Atlantic waters of Tenby beach.

Teddy also had some fantastic modes of transport too including a ride on two RNLI Lifeboats, the Hong Kong Star Ferry and a RIB powerboat. He rode about on motorbikes and in sports cars, even a Centurion Tank! Teddy’s been on lots of trains too, large and small, including Stevenson’s Rocket, and he’s flown by helicopter, commercial and light aircraft and was even dangled from a drone!

Along the way Red Teddy got to meet the amazing medical professionals who use the bears to help treat young children in their care. Whether that’s to demonstrate procedures, calm children down or reward a child for being brave. Teddy loved the fact that every child gets to take their teddy bear home and how their bear often becomes a very special friend.

Best of all Red Teddy got meet many of the TLC representatives and teams that volunteer their time for TLC and who make sure the TLC teddies get to the children who need the comfort of a cuddly bear the most.

Red Teddy sends a big THANK YOU to all the TLC charities that do such a great job in bringing a little comfort to children in distress.