Bereavement Bears for Somerset Hospices

Earlier this summer, TLC Somerset donated teddy bears to every hospice in Somerset where they are now being used as ‘Bereavement Bears’.

TLC Coordinator for Somerset, Roger Penny, was pleased to hear from Jennifer Wakefield, Family Support Services Manager at Weston Hospicecare, with the following story which gives some insight as to how these little bears offer comfort at a difficult time:

“In September, there was a patient on the inpatient unit at Weston Hospice called Ruby.  She was a delightful 83 year old lady, with terminal cancer. Ruby was a true Bristolian, larger than life, glamorous and kind.  She adored the staff and said on many occasions that she felt she was with family whilst she was in our care.

Ruby had a very close knit family which meant everything to her but the apple of her eye was her four year old great granddaughter ‘little Ruby,’ who was named after her, and the pair of them were inseparable. It was so hard on both of them to be apart whilst Ruby was on the unit, and also to think ahead to Ruby’s death.

The staff gave Ruby a TLC bear that was on her bed at the unit for days, and remained there with her as she peacefully took her last breaths. The bear was then given to Little Ruby that evening.  I’m told she’s never without it”

Jennifer went on to say:

This particular bear provided a comforting link between both Rubys.  It was an important part of little Ruby’s journey of grief and the value of the TLC Teddy Bears shouldn’t be underestimated